A congress of baboons and other collective/group nouns

Today we will go from Aardvarks to Eagles.

  • BaboonsAn armory of aardvarks
  • A shrewdness of apes
  • A Coffle of asses
  • A congress of baboons 
  • A babble of barbers
  • A bike, bike cast, cluster, erst, drift, game, grist, hive, hum, rabble, stand, or swarm of bees
  • A sute of bloodhounds
  • A rood of boors
  • A keg of bowlers
  • A chatter of budgies
  • An obstinacy of buffalo
  • A clowder, cluster, clutter, destruction, dout, dowt, glaring, kindle, litter, or pounce of cats
  • A parenthesis of cellists
  • A coalition of cheetahs
  • A brood, chattering, cletch, clutch, flock, or peep of chickens
  • A consort of corgi
  • A saunter of cowboys
  • 1-1-13-american-crows-img_4589A cauldron, caucus, congress, cowardice, hover, murder, muster, parcel, or storytelling of crows
  • A squat of daubers
  • A decanter, or decorum of deans
  • A rash of dermatologists
  • A guess of diagnosticians
  • A meaning of dictionaries
  • A vane of directions
  • A bevy, cote, dole, dule, exaltation, flight, piteousness, or prettying of doves
  • A bevy, or frost of dowagers
  • A badelynge of ducks (on the ground)
  • A paddling of ducks (while swimming)
  • A raft of ducks (while idle in water)
  • A flight, plump, or team of ducks (while flying)
  • An aerie, convocation, jubilee, soar, or spread of eagles




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